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Furnished Office Space Lowers Costs

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Don’t Sink Working Capital Into Furnished Office Space

One of the hardest start-up costs for many small businesses is furnishing the entire office. Not only can this be expensive, it can take time away from doing business. This also directs important capital away from product development and marketing.

By renting a fully furnished office space, businesses can get started right away without hidden costs and without taking time away from important business tasks. No need to waste time on picking out furniture, coordinating deliveries and getting the internet setup.

When you run a virtual business, it doesn’t make financial sense to furnish a full office space. With you and any team members doing work remotely, spending time and money furnishing an office is an unnecessary expense. But when you need to get together to work on a project, having an office space that is already furnished and ready to use is a convenient and cost-effective way to do business.

Office Spaces and Meeting Rooms

Even virtual businesses need to have physical meetings sometimes. Using furnished office spaces to get together is one way to use short-term professional offices. Another is to use furnished meeting rooms to impress clients for minimal costs. You won’t have to furnish your own conference table, chairs or sign a long-term lease for that meeting space. Instead, you can use it as needed whenever you need to make a good impression with a professional space.

Projecting the Right Image

For some customers, it’s hard to trust a virtual business. Meeting clients, employees and customers in your home office doesn’t project the image that many customers need. But with a fully furnished office space for rent, the professional environment gives you a way to create the image you want without the many costs associated with furnishing your own office space.

The Many Benefits of a Virtual Assistant Provided By Brandywine Executive Center

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Many small business owners have found success by using a virtual office due to the cost effectiveness and freedom that it offers. At Brandywine Executive Center, we offer many amenities with our virtual office service such as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can help with the small and mundane tasks that you, as a business owner, do not have time for. Here are a few benefits of using a virtual assistant that is provided to you by Brandywine Executive Center.Virtual assistant


One of the biggest benefits of using a virtual assistant is that they are available virtually any time of the day or night. In most cases, important tasks for your business will not stop at five o’clock, so having someone you can contact to help with these tasks is an invaluable asset. If you have a last minute request from a client that you do not have time to handle, then an experienced virtual assistant can help you perform this task and lighten your workload a bit. If you are getting burnt out by handling every project that comes your way on your own, then a virtual assistant can help you be more productive and work more efficiently than ever before.

Cost Effective

Another great benefit of using a virtual assistant that is provided by Brandywine Executive Center is that they are very cost effective. If you were to hire an assistant on your own, you would have to worry about things such as health insurance and vacation pay, which can cost you a lot of money. By choosing Brandywine Executive Center as your virtual office provider, you can take advantages of all of the amenities that we offer for one flat rate. This means that there will be no added charges for using our virtual assistant services because they are included in your virtual office package.

If you are feeling bogged down by your business, then a virtual assistant provided by Brandywine Executive Center can help you greatly. All of our assistants are well trained and knowledgeable in many different areas of the business world.

Signs You Need a Virtual Office Provided By Brandywine Executive Center

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Over time, many business owners will begin to feel trapped and restricted by their traditional office space. Having to be in one place for an extended period of time is enough to make anyone stir crazy. One of the best ways to avoid these types of feelings is by choosing a virtual office for your business. Here are a few signs that is may be time to switch to a virtual office provided by Brandywine Executive Center.virtual  office

Phone Interruptions

Having phones ringing off of the hook at your business can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand you are happy that customers are calling you and on the other hand you have to take time out of what you are doing to answer the calls. If you are starting to notice that you are spending more time on the phone and less time getting important work done, then it may be time to choose a virtual office provided by Brandywine Executive Center. We offer an answering service with each one of our virtual offices, which help to significantly reduce that amount of time that you spend on the phone. All of our receptionists are well trained and will be able to interact with your customers in a professional and friendly way.

Cost Effectiveness

Another reason that most business owners choose a virtual office provided by Brandywine Executive Center is that they are tired of spending their last dime on keeping their traditional office space operational. Between payroll, rent and utilities, it can become very expensive to keep a traditional office space running smoothly. Instead of spending money on an office space that is holding you back, you can instead choose the virtual office provided by Brandywine Executive Center and ay one flat rate for all for your office.

By choosing Brandywine Executive Center as your virtual office provider, you can save valuable time and resources that could be better used on something else. We offer affordable virtual office space and a long list of amenities to help you work more efficiently in your business.

How a Virtual Receptionist can Boost Your Productivity

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One of the best parts of choosing a virtual office is that they come with a variety of different amenities that can help you and your business. Among the best amenities that come along with a virtual office is a virtual receptionist. The virtual receptionist can help get your organized and will be able to take care of your customers in an effective way. The receptionists are highly skilled and well trained, which means they know how to deal with your customers in the best way possible. The following are a few of the many benefits of having a virtual receptionist.virtual receptionist

Heightened Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of having a virtual receptionist is that they can help improve the overall productivity of your business. One of the biggest time constraints on any business owners is answering all of the phone calls that come into their business on a daily basis. Although phones’ ringing off the hook is great for business but it can wreak havoc on other parts of your business. By having a virtual receptionist who can take that burden of the phone calls off of you, you will be able to focus more on growing and expanding your business.

Customer Service

Another very important benefit that comes along with a virtual receptionist is a heightened degree of customer service. Having a person who is dedicated only to answering your phones and dealing with your customers will increase the level of customer service exponentially. Happier customers means that you overall sales and profits, which is the number one goal of any business. Instead of handling all of the calls on your own and running the risk of forgetting about a customer, you can let a professional handle it.

If you find yourself in need of a great virtual office service that offers quality virtual receptionist services, then choosing Brandywine Executive Center. We offer a wide variety of different virtual office plans so you will be able to choose the one that works the best for you.