Building relationships is something we all need to put more focus into. If you think about it, relationships are the lifeblood of any successful organization — or individual, for that matter.

This is because people do business with people. In the end, you’ll always enjoy doing business with people you know, like, and trust before some nameless, faceless company. To prove the point, ask yourself, “When was the last time you had strong positive feelings about your cable company?” The reason no one on the planet enjoys dealing with their cable provider is because there’s no relationship there!

Don’t make the same mistake in your business. By getting to know someone as an individual, while providing a lot of value as a professional, you create a powerful connection, and it’s that connection that will keep customers and employees sticking with you, as well as vendors, investors, and business partners.

So let’s dive into some profitable strategies for improving communication and building relationships.

The 6 Star Principles For Building Relationships

No matter who you’re building a relationship with, there are certain star principles that apply in every case. These 4 key principles for better communication include creativity, quality, and personality. To find out more about how communication improves relationships, take a look at this blog. See if you can apply what you learn to improve the relationships in your life or business.

Asking Questions To Win Sales

Great communication is the single most important factor in your team’s sales success. How else can you encourage anyone to buy your products and services if your team can’t cultivate a relationship with them? Brian Tracy writes that attentive listening is the best way to establish rapport. This can be coupled with asking a few very powerful questions to encourage further communication. Read this blog post if you want to build great relationships with your prospects.

9 Ways To Improve Employee And Customer Communication

How well does your team communicate? You can dramatically improve productivity in your company by fostering good internal communication between team members. This CIO article shares some great to-do items that can help, including the use of a social collaboration platform and an online forum for employees, as well as bonus suggestions for connecting with customers.

Take A Break: Near, Far, Wherever You Are

If you work really hard to build up your professional relationships, you might have half the rapport with them that Leonardo DiCaprio has with his snack in this awesome meme.