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Furnished Office Space Lowers Costs

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Don’t Sink Working Capital Into Furnished Office Space

One of the hardest start-up costs for many small businesses is furnishing the entire office. Not only can this be expensive, it can take time away from doing business. This also directs important capital away from product development and marketing.

By renting a fully furnished office space, businesses can get started right away without hidden costs and without taking time away from important business tasks. No need to waste time on picking out furniture, coordinating deliveries and getting the internet setup.

When you run a virtual business, it doesn’t make financial sense to furnish a full office space. With you and any team members doing work remotely, spending time and money furnishing an office is an unnecessary expense. But when you need to get together to work on a project, having an office space that is already furnished and ready to use is a convenient and cost-effective way to do business.

Office Spaces and Meeting Rooms

Even virtual businesses need to have physical meetings sometimes. Using furnished office spaces to get together is one way to use short-term professional offices. Another is to use furnished meeting rooms to impress clients for minimal costs. You won’t have to furnish your own conference table, chairs or sign a long-term lease for that meeting space. Instead, you can use it as needed whenever you need to make a good impression with a professional space.

Projecting the Right Image

For some customers, it’s hard to trust a virtual business. Meeting clients, employees and customers in your home office doesn’t project the image that many customers need. But with a fully furnished office space for rent, the professional environment gives you a way to create the image you want without the many costs associated with furnishing your own office space.

Tips on Writing an Employee Handbook

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As a business begins to grow, the need for employees will also begin to grow and you will have to begin the process of narrowing down the field of applicants. Between the interview process and checking references, the hiring process can be quite time consuming and draining on many different levels. The time that you spend on hiring will not be in vain if you give your new employees a set of guidelines to let them know what is expected from the. An employee handbook is the easiest way to inform your employees of what you expect from them while they are working in your office rental. The following are a few tips on putting together a handbook for all of your rental

Keep it Legal

One of the biggest mistakes that most small business owners make when they are drafting a handbook is that they do not consult with a lawyer. By consulting with a law professional, you will be able to make sure that the rules and regulations that you set forth for your employees are within the constraints of the law of your state. Many lawyers will provide you with their advice for a small fee and the money you pay will be worth it when you consider how much money you will save on lawsuits over illegal demands on the employees in your office rental.


Review Regularly

Another thing you should make a habit of after you have completed your handbook is to remember to review it on a regular basis in order to find mistakes and make changes wherever needed. Keeping your handbook up to date will help you avoid confusion and will keep everyone on the same page. The key to a successful business is everyone moving together as a cohesive unit and an employee handbook can help facilitate that.

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