Rent Conference Rooms in Wilmington

The Executive Conference Room at Brandywine Plaza on Concord Pike (US 202) – Wilmington, DE

Stop meeting in coffee shops and hotel lobbies.

From a single office to the executive boardroom, we have the perfect conference rooms to meet with your clients and vendors. These spaces have all of the things you need.

Virtual Office solutions offer smart, frugal business owners like you an opportunity to trim operating expenses and eliminate unnecessary overhead. And, if you work from home, a virtual office lease is a great way to protect your privacy while maintaining a prestigious business address.

If you are working from home or planning to meet with a client in Wilmington, considering the locale you cannot meet in space that would diminish your client’s opinion of your business.

Wilmington Conference Rooms

Meeting space, when dealing with America’s best and brightest, needs to be impressive. The meeting space must be only presentable but access to all technical communication systems must be readily available. The space must have the look and feel of professionalism. Top business men do not want to struggle with bad wireless signals or other technical difficulties their time is extremely valuable.

Meeting protocols 

Delaware Conference room• Arrive at the meeting at least 15 minutes early
• An agenda should be circulated a week in advance
• All materials and visual display items should be prepared before the meeting
• Dress appropriately.
• Only speak when it is your turn to.
• A meeting should not continue for more than 2 hours without a break.
• Listening attentively is good protocol, make sure you make notes.
• Do not do anything that will distract people in the meeting such as biting your pen.
• All mobile phones must be switched off. Laptops may only be switched on if content relevant to the meeting is being shared.
• Do not bring anybody to the meeting who was not requested to be there. Should you think that it is vital to add another person to the meeting, advice all attendees well in advance.
For affordable and professional meeting space in Bethesda, contact Brandywine Executive Center in Wilmington . A meeting space can be set up to suite whatever your requirements entail whether you need to meet with one person or a group.

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